Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The eyes have it :( *

. . . indeed, and what the eyes have are cataracts and a hole in the right macula
Current plans call for two eye surgeries within the next couple of months—first, I have to have the cataract in the right eye removed to give better access to the macula, then, after recovering for about two weeks, I’ll have a second round of surgery to repair the macula.  After the first week of November, I don’t think I’ll be doing much blogging—or anything else, other than listening to music and/or audio-books—for a good while.  Right now, everything looks foggy in the right eye with a dark spot in the middle (which is a great surprise to me—this problem first made itself known only three days ago), so I’ll be glad to see an improvement in my vision.

*“Aye" is an archaic term for “yes,” and “ayes” are “yes” votes—“The ayes have it” means that whoever voted “yes” has won.


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